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Birds Group at Facebook!
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The Children Place (TCP)
TCP are merchandising with us since 2000.
Our ERP Website.
Epic Group
Epic Group merchandise with us only Woven product.

Washing Facilities and Capacity:(Knit & Woven)

Enzyme Wash: Avg: 2000-2500pcs. per/day

Stone Wash: Avg: 2000-2500pcs. per/day

Garment Wash: Avg: 25000-30000pcs. per/day

Bleach Wash: Avg: 2500-3000pcs. per/day

Acid Wash: Avg: 1000pcs. per/day

Silicon Wash: Avg: 2500-3000pcs. per/day

Sand Wash: Avg: 2000-2500pcs. per/day

Milki Wash: Avg : 1000 pcs. per/day

Sand Blasting: (Woven): Avg: 2000–2500 pcs. per/day

Over Dyed: Avg: 1000 pcs. per/day